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Shopping for your Ideal Eyewear shouldn't be difficult.We bring to your door step Convenience, Easy shopping and Value for your money.

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The Perfect Optical

  • Optical Frame
  • Eye lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Computer glasses
  • Lens cleaning solution
Choose your perfect frame
Your eyewear has a lot to do with how you are perceived. The right eyewear can help shape people perception of you. We have a wide range of Optical Frame collection to match your style and more importantly carry your spectacle prescription.
  • Authenthic Brands
  • Stylish and Classy
  • For Men, women and children
  • Ideal weight
Eye Lenses
From Prescription lenses to prescription sunglasses we got you covered. Beyond just prescriptions, our optional lens enhancement will let you customize your lenses based on your life style, enhancing your performance and durability.
  • Main Material: Plastic
  • Blue coat lenses to protect the eyes from harmful blue blocking light during digital device use
  • Light reactive lenses (Transitions/Photochromic lenses) 
  • Anti-Reflective coatings that reduces glare and increases clarity
Protect your eyes with stylish sunglasses
Do you know that exposure to the sun exposes your eyes to UVA and UVB radiation? UV damages to the eyes are cumulative and sometimes irreversible. Most people think wearing a darker lens offer better protection. Our sunglasses collection have been optimized to protect the eyes from UVA and B radiation as well as keeping with current trends and style.
  • Stylish and Classy
  • 100% UV A and UV B protection
  • Scractch Resistant
  • Comes with a case
E glasses and Eyezen computer glasses
Block harmful blue light to reduce glare and digital strain . Protect your eye from prolong device exposure and enjoy a happier digital world with our non prescription computer glasses by Foster Grant. With the amount of time spent in front of digital Screen today isn't it time to get a pair today?
  • Non Prescription
  • 100% UV A and B protection
  • Reduces glare and improves constrast
  • Helps fight Digital Strain
Eye lens Solutions Pack
Imagine this scenario After a long hard day, your eye lenses or sun lenses have collected grease or dirt. Vision is no longer clear with them and trying to clean them may just spread the grease or dirt in a big cloudy smear all over your lenses. Don't loose heart we got you covered with our lens cleaning solution. it is a one wipe cleaning kit that gives you crystal clear cleaning power like you have never experienced.
  • Formulated without Acohol and ammonia hence can be used for your lenses.
  • Top quality
  • Safe to use on Prescription and non prescription lenses, sunglasses and screens.
  • Gives Twice Clarity

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