Pier Martino 6642 C2 Eyeglasses (Gold)


Pier Martino Eyewear Model 6642 C2

  • Brand: Pier Martino Eyewear
  • Model:6642 C2
  • Color:  Gold/Havana
  • Lenses Color: Transparent
  • Material: Hand Made acetate / Bohemian crystals
  • Rimmed
  •  Size:53mm-18mm-135mm
  • Country of manufacture: Italy
  • Can be used as Prescription
  • Warranty Period 1year


How To Use Pier Martino

Get Your Prescription:

Start by visiting an eye doctor or optometrist to have your eyes examined and obtain a prescription for eyeglasses. Ensure that the prescription includes the sphere (SPH), cylinder (CYL), axis, and pupillary distance (PD).

Choose the Right Frames:

Select Pier Martino frames that match your face shape, style, and personal preferences. Pier Martino offers a variety of frame materials, colors, and designs.
Purchase Your Eyeglasses:

Buy your Pier Martino glasses from an authorized retailer, either in-store or online.

Frame Adjustment and Fitting:

When you receive your glasses, make sure they fit comfortably on your face.
If needed, visit an optician for professional adjustments. We can customize the nose pads, temple arms, and frame shape for a secure and comfortable fit.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Keep your eyeglasses clean by using a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints.
Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the lenses and frames.

Putting on Your Glasses:

Always wash your hands to ensure they are clean before handling your eyeglasses.
Hold the frames by the temples (the arms of the glasses) and gently place them on your face.
Adjust the nose pads and temple arms to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Proper Usage:

Wear your Pier Martino glasses as prescribed by your eye doctor. This could be full-time or for specific tasks like reading or driving.

Maintenance and Protection:

When not in use, store your eyeglasses in a protective case to prevent scratches and damage.
Avoid leaving your glasses in extreme heat or direct sunlight, as this can harm the frames and coatings.
Regularly visit your eye doctor for check-ups to ensure your prescription remains accurate.

Cleaning the Lenses:

Use a lens cleaning solution or a mild dish soap diluted with water to clean the lenses.
Gently rub the lenses with a clean, soft cloth or a microfiber cleaning cloth.
Avoid using tissues or paper towels, as they can scratch the lenses.

Handle with Care:

Be gentle when removing and putting on your eyeglasses to prevent bending or twisting the frames.

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Its Very important to find the Right size of eyewear you intend to buy online. The Amazing thing is that its Super easy to Find your Right eyeglasses Size. We have put together a guide that would assist you to make the process quick and easy. Here’s what you need to know when looking for your eyeglasses and sunglasses frame measurements.


To ensure your frames fit perfectly, first determine which size frames are best for you. The best place to start is with the eyeglass measurements on a pair you already own.

First, check for the three little numbers on the inside of the temple of your glasses or inside the nose Bridge. Some may also refer to the temple of the nose bridge as the "arm" of your glasses These three numbers are the frame's measurements.

There are cases that your frames are old , you might find the numbers faded. This may make it difficult to use the method above. Using a Ruler to measure the frame is the Next Simplest way. For this you would need a Millimeter Rule and Pen (to record the findings)
Take note of the ranges below to avoid any mistakes.
Lens Width/Diameter – The horizontal width of each lens in millimeters. It ranges between 40-62mm.
Bridge Width – The distance between the two lenses in millimeters. It ranges between 14-24mm.
Temple Length – The length from screw to temple tips. It ranges between 110-150mm.

This is How you can use your Clothing Size to help you to Determine your eyeglasses size Like a Especially Purchasing eyewear online for the first time.
People who wear Small (S) size:
It is likely your face structure would be small too. In general, frames with less than or equal to 50mm of lens-width would fit you easily in case of eyeglasses. For sunglasses the width of 55mm or less should be your choice.
People who wear Large (L) size:

Your spectacles should be 55mm wide or more. In case of shades, this will be 65mm or more.

People who wear Medium (M) size:

You can go for frames between 51mm to 54mm of lens-width for eyeglasses and 56mm to 64mm for sunglasses.


It’s okay, happens! But don’t worry. Give us a Call on 07083450655 or Send Us a whats app Message on 07083450655

Pier Martino eyewear is a collection of original designs with its own well defined style, classic and elegant. The frames are hand crafted in Italy. They combine the finest materials, using precious woods, Italian leathers and Swarovski crystals. The aforementioned create a stunning and sophisticated collection for the truly discerning individual


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