Can you wear Computer Glasses all the time?

You have probably heard about computer glasses, but don’t really know what it is. A Computer glass is quite different from the everyday prescription glass. It is an anti-glare or anti-reflective coated glass worn on the eyes. The primary aim is to protect the eyes from eye strain and blue lights which our digital devices emit.

There is an urgent need to protect the eyes while using digital devices especially because of the long hours we tend to spend with our devices and to also prevent computer eye strain, a medical condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

There are many benefits why it is advisable to wear computer glasses. They include;

  • preventing the eyes from being sore or itchy.
  • Protection against dry eyes.
  • Preventing the eyes from squinting.
  • Reduction in  the amount of blue light that goes into your eyes etc.

If you spend a reasonable amount of time in front of computer screens and other digital devices, then you might want to consider getting your best fit computer glasses from Hovina Glasses.

Having established the need to wear computer glasses, it is also important to know the recommended duration of time one can have these computer glasses on. wear computer glasses

Some digital device users are trying to ascertain if it’s cool to wear computer glasses for a long time.

Once you start wearing computer glasses, you may feel very comfortable that you hardly notice it’s on you. So long as you feel relaxed, you can wear computer glasses for as long as you wish.

A lot of people believe that wearing glasses for a long may damage the eye and make it dependent on the corrective lenses. However, you may want to take into consideration that computer glasses are non-prescription glasses which make it safer to wear.

Contrary to this erroneous myth, computer glasses would make you feel more at ease and aid your vision. It doesn’t matter how long these glasses are worn, so long as it is comfortable and protects your eyes.

For those who seat before computer screens for a long time, computer glasses would make your work simpler and less stressful.

However, you may decide to take your computer glasses off

  1. When you are about to sleep.

There is absolutely no need to wear computer glasses while asleep. you can take them off whenever you feel sleepy.

  1. When you are about to take a shower.

There is simply no need to have your computer glasses on while you use the wash room.


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