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Are Computer glasses effective

According to Vision Council statistical report, 59% of US citizens suffer one form of eye defect or the other (itchy eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches etc), owing to the high usage of computer screens and digital devices.

The use of modern day technological devices is somewhat inevitable in this dispensation. One cannot do away with digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablet etc.

These are tools we need to boost effectiveness in our work place. It also enhances our personal life and sometimes serve as a source of recreation and leisure.

Kids are not left out as well as statistics from Vision Council also shows that aside playing outside, the next most common activity children engage in is watching Television or using their digital devices.

With the growing usage of digital devices, there is an urgent need to increase the awareness of the benefits of computer glasses.BLUE LIGHT COMPUTER GLASSES - Hovina Glasses


Computer glasses are prescribed eye wears designed specifically for computer and digital use. These glasses differ from other types of glasses. It should be worn while using digital devices to prevent computer eye strain.

These glasses are designed to shield your eyes and optimize your eyesight when viewing digital devices. This also helps the eye focus farther away from your digital device.


A computer glass is very effective and helps to prevent computer eye strain from occurring. See benefits below;

  • Minimum glare:

Computer glasses contain anti-glare coating. This serves as a preventive shield over the eyes. The light from digital screens increases the difference between the dark and lighter areas displayed. This however causes the eye a little bit of discomfort.

  • Gives your eyes a better focus:

Since computer glasses contain anti-glare coats, it is easy to concentrate and focus on an object without strains or any difficulty.

  • Contains Blue-Light Filter:

Computer screens emit blue-violet radiation which can lead to computer eye strain. Computer glasses In this case, shields your eyes from radiations being emitted.

  • Reduces the tendency to have Computer Vision Syndrome:

Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition which arises from focusing the eyes uninterruptedly on your digital device.

  • Prevents dry eyes, eye strain and headaches:

Starring into your computer screens and digital devices for a long time would lead to a condition called computer eye strain. Other than that, constant headaches and dry eyes may also be experienced.

Computer glasses helps to prevent the above mentioned from occurring. It does this by shielding the eyes from surrounding lights and lights from our digital devices.



It could be a daunting task when looking for a suitable computer glass. Hovina Glasses has however taken the initiative to provide you with the best computer glasses of 2019. 

Wearing Computer glasses with accurate prescription is very important. To get the full benefit, it is advisable to purchase your computer glasses from professional and reliable eye-stores.

To wear computer glasses with accurate prescription, undergo an eye examination with your eye care practitioner. Obtain a spectacle prescription and proceed to purchase one at Hovina Glasses.

Whenever you purchase a pair of stylish frame you can add blue coat when placing an order.

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