How to prevent computer eye strain

Staying away from digital screens in this dispensation is almost an impossible feat to attain especially because in this present age almost everything we do revolves around the usage of screens.

Before you seek to prevent the occurrence of Computer Eye Strain, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of what it is all about.

Having a perfect understanding of what this term means would adequately help you prevent it from occurring.

Glasses to correct computer eye strain


  1. Use proper lighting and minimize surrounding lights:

As much as possible, ensure the light around your surrounding doesn’t compete with the lights from your digital device.

Avoid direct sunlight while using your devices outdoor.  You can change the color of your digital device from bright white to a light shade of grey.

  1. Increase in the font sizes of digital devices:

Always ensure the font sizes of your digital devices are increased. This would enable you view contents on your devices without having to strain your eyes or squint.

Smaller fonts would make you draw your digital device screen closer to your eyes and this could put a strain on your eye muscle.

  1. Take momentarily breaks while reading a lengthy piece or watching a lengthy video:

When reading a lengthy piece or watching a video, the eyes are fixed on the digital screen for a long time and can lead to eye strain. Rest your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes when using digital devices for a long duration.

Also practice the art of refocusing by looking at a farther distance for up to 20 seconds after your have starred at your digital screen for long.

  1. Upgrade your screen display or resolution:

Besides increasing the font size of your digital devices, it is also pertinent that you increase the resolution of your computer screen to enable you view objects on your screen without having to strain your eyes.

  1. Take proper eye care and blink momentarily while you stare at your digital devices:

Check your eye regularly and visit your eye specialists every now and then to ensure your eye is in good care.

Blink continually while using your digital devices to avoid your eyes from having dry eyes. Blinking makes the front surface of your eyes moist.

  1. Proper placement of your digital devices:

The recommended angle to place your digital devices is 15 to 20 degrees below your eye level. Placing your device on the same level with your eyes can have a harmful effect on your eyes.

  1. Be conscious of your seating posture and make adjustments where necessary:

Having a good seating posture is necessary to prevent Computer Eye Strain. Ensure the height of your chair is such that allows your computer device stay 15-20 degree below your eye level.

Also get chairs with arm rest to avoid your wrist leaning on your keyboard. Whenever you notice your seating position has changed, quickly correct yourself.

  1. Get Anti-glare screens or Computer glasses while using your digital devices:

Although we advise minimizing the lights from your surroundings, where that is not possible, you can get anti-glare filters for your screen.

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