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With the rise of technology, computer glasses have now become a necessary tool for tech lovers and digital device users. This is important because recent computer screens and digital devices emit blue lights and glares which damages the eyes. We have taking timeout to show you features of a good computer glass and where you can buy computer glasses.

What is a computer glass?

A computer glass is quite different from the regular glass. It is a prescribed glass that contains anti-reflective and anti-glare coats.

Buy Computer Glasses (Foster Grant)

Computer glasses shield the eyes from blue light and destructive rays being emitted by digital device. Using computer glasses can prevent the eyes from medical conditions such as eye strains, blurred visions, headaches, fatigue etc.

What is Computer Eye Strain

Computer eye strain popularly known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is one of the resultant effects of using digital devices without wearing a computer glass.

Buy Computer GlassesWhen the eye focuses uninterruptedly on computer screens or digital devices for a long period of time, the result is what is being referred to as Computer Eye Strain.

It is imperative for digital device users to know the symptoms of computer eye strain and learn how to prevent it from occurring.

Where can I buy a Computer Glass?

Being aware of computer eye strain and knowing how to prevent it from happening to you is simply the first phase.

Knowing where to buy a computer glass that perfectly fits and suits your style is the second phase.

As a digital device user, it is not enough to only know about computer glasses and the resultant eye strain it causes, it is important to know where you can get a perfect fit computer glass for your face.
Which is why at HOVINA GLASS, we have gone an extra mile to provide you with the best computer glasses of 2019 that contain anti-reflective and anti-glare coats to protect the eye from blue lights and harmful rays, while giving you comfort as you use it.

We have a variety of computer glasses with designer frames of different colors, ranging from FOSTER GRANT® BLUE LIGHT E-COMPUTER GLASS to FOSTER GRANT® EYEZEN COMPUTER GLASSES.

Features to look out for in a computer glass

1. A good computer glass should have 100% UVA/UVB Lens protection.
2. A good computer glass should contains anti-reflective coats.
3. A good computer glass should contain anti-glare coats.
4. A good computer glass should have a spring hinge.
5. A good computer glass should not have any magnification.
6. A good computer glass should contain scratch resistant lens.
7. A good computer glass comes with a glass case.
8. A good computer glass should have a Polycarbonate lenses.
9. It is okay for a computer glass to be unisex.

If you desire to get a perfect fit computer glass, visit Hovina Glasses today to buy your computer glass.

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